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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind DVDNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a Japanese animated film (anime), directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, and was released in 1984, the first film produced by Studio Ghibli and based on the manga of the same name by Mr. Miyazaki. It is set in the distant future on Earth, after the disasterous Seven Days of Fire, which was a global war and left the Earth a wasteland and humans barely surviving on the fringes of what is left. It contains themes of science fiction, enviromentalism, and pacifism.

This anime was actually created pre-Studio Ghibli – it hadn’t even been established and was still relatively in its infancy.


It is one thousand years after the Seven Days of Fire, a terrible global war that caused the Earth to transform into a wasteland. There are hardly any safe places left for human survival, as the Sea of Decay is constantly spreading. Within five minutes without a mask one’s lungs would rot breathing in the toxic spores released from the Sea of Decay. Humans have constantly tried to burn the Sea of Decay and rebuild civilization, but all attempts have failed as the Ohmus and insects of the Sea of Decay attack any offences directed at the jungle. Shooting of guns repeatedly volumizes the level of offence and the Ohmus’ rage.

Lord Yupa is a wandering man in search of the legendary saviour that will save the world: clothed in blue and descending upon a field of gold, after a thousand years he will reunite man with the earth. Few people believe in this legend, but some still hold strong to it: this saviour is the only hope they have left. Early on in the film Lord Yupa is saved by Nausicaa from an outraged Ohmu because Lord Yupa fired his gun at an insect carrying something he mistaken for a human child, but it is actually a fox squirrell, whom Nausicaa names Teto and becomes a pet of sorts.

Princess Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is a bright girl who strives to unite the humans and insects together in a harmonious relationship without the ways of battle, which cause more destruction than helping others. Outside of the Valley war goes on humans against humans and humans against insects. She talks to the insects, rather than fighting them and producing fear on either sides, and calms them with an insect charm and/or harmless flash grenades. Her name is derived from a character in Homer’s Oddessy who helps Oddyseus and her part of her character comes from a Japanese folk hero known as “the princess who loved insects”, and the other half was inspired by the writings of Bernard Evslin who wrote a more in-depth exploration of the character Nausicaa from Oddessy.

Shortly after Lord Yupa arrives at the Valley of the Wind safely a Tolmekian airship is spotted in the sky by Nausicaa after being called out as the watchmen can feel something is amiss, but do not know what it is. Nausicaa goes after it on her mehve (glider) to steer them away from the cliffs, which is the direction they are heading. As she comes closer, she sees thousands of larvae on the front of the ship and men shooting from the inside. Nausicaa notes they must’ve landed earlier and angered the insects. She tries to tell them to turn the ship and that they’re going to crash, but they crash, but not before Nausicaa sees a young woman whom Nausicaa saves from the wreak and before the young woman dies she says she is Lastel of Peijite.

It is discovered the Tolmekian airship that had crashed had been carrying the last God Warrior, a lethal bio-weapon used in the Seven Days of Fire. It had been supposed all the God Warriors had been turned to stone, except this one, which had been sleeping for one thousand years under Peijite. Peijite unearthed it and the God Warrior was stolen from Peijite by Tolmekia.

The same day Lord Yupa and Mito discover the God Warrior (intact despite the airship’s crash) Tolmekian airships invade the Valley of the Wind and in doing so, kill King Jihl, Nausicaa’s father, who was unable to fly as the Sea of Decay’s toxins had finally taken over his body. He was helpless. Princess Kushana of Tolmekia makes a speech saying that if the Valley of the Wind join Tolmekia’s enterprise they will never have to fear the jungle or the insects ever again and they will put the jungle to the torch.

After a dispute with Obaba concerning burning the jungle and its negative influences, the Valley’s people submit to the Tolmekians and the Tolmekians start reviving the God Warrior while Kushana flies to Peijite along with five Valley of the Wind hostages, Mito, and Nausicaa.

They don’t get very far when they are attacked by a small one-man Peijite plane and it is piloted by Asbel of Peijite, twin brother of Lastel. He is about to shoot down the main Tolmekian airship, which has Nausicaa on board, but is distracted when he sees Nausicaa: he thinks it is Lastel. During his distraction, he is shot down and his plane plumets down to earth in a black cloud.

Nausicaa, Teto, Mito, and Kushana take off on the Valley of the Wind airship, which is made of indestructable Ohmu shell. They find the cargo ship, which hold the five hostages and Nausicaa convinces the hostages to remove the cargo and land in the Sea of Decay, which they are flying across.

The party land unknowingly in an Ohmu nest. Nausicaa gives out orders, and a scared Kushana fires her gun – and the Ohmus rise from their underwater nest. Nausicaa apologizes to the Ohmus saying that she and the other humans are not foes and they did not mean to harm the Sea of Decay.

An Ohmu’s narrow tendrils emit and they envelop Nausicaa in a cocoon. Within the cocoon beautiful singing occurs while the Ohmus show Nausicaa a vision of a golden field and the Earth born anew.

The Ohmus then leave abruptly, their eyes red with rage, followed by hordes of insects, and Nausicaa goes after them, telling the rest of the group to get out of the Sea of Decay and wait for her and if she does not come back in an hour to continue to the Valley of the Wind, and she saves Asbel of Peijite from being almost killed by the insects, which he had enraged with the firing of his gun.

Nausicaa’s mask is whipped off by an insect’s stinger and they crash to the jungle’s floor in quicksand and they sink to the bottom, under the Sea of Decay, where the air is pure.

Asbel and Nausicaa decide to travel to Peijite the next day. They discover thousands of dead insects and the capital city destroyed. They find out the insects were lured to the city and they are going to lure the Ohmus to the Valley of the Wind by means of a baby Ohmu, barely alive and dangling from a baloon. Nausicaa is disgusted and tries to take off on her mehve to alert her people, but she is taken as prisoner after Asbel is knocked out when he tries to help Nausicaa.

Meanwhile back in the Valley of the Wind the others have come back and the God Warrior is slowly waking up. Toxic spores have taken root in the forest and the people begin burning the forest, as it is too late to save the trees.

Asbel’s mother and another girl hear of Nausicaa’s predicament and the other girl disguises as Nausicaa while Nausicaa escapes on her mehve to go to the Valley of the Wind. Before she does a Tolmekian ship boards the Peijite ship and a bloody battle begins.

Nausicaa is far out when she meets Mito and Lord Yupa, who had gone searching for her. They shoot down the Tolmekian ship and Lord Yupa handles the situation on the Peijite ship while Mito and Nausicaa continue back to the Valley.

Kushana has broken out of her bonds and battle begins in the Valley, with the Valley’s people resisting against the Tolmekians to the point of bloodshed. Kushana brings out the God Warrior, awakend, though it begins to fall apart for it is not fully completed. It literally wipes out a few scores of Ohmus.

Nausicaa rescues the baby Ohmu, despite being shot deep in the shoulder and foot. The baloon falls on one of the islands within the Acid Lake. The Ohmus come towards Nausicaa and the baby but suddenly change direction when they sense the use of weapons in the Valley of the Wind. Nausicaa coerces the two Peijite men to carry Nausicaa and the baby Ohmu to the Valley of the Wind.

Nausicaa and the baby Ohmu land in the Valley, right before the Ohmus knock into them hard and the collision sends Nausicaa far into the sky and her body falls down in the stampede of Ohmus. The Ohmus stop finally and all eyes turn towards Nausicaa.

Many tendrils of Ohmus emit and raise Nausicaa in the air. They mend her wounds without a scar and she is resurrected. Upon Obaba’s request, two girls tell her what her eyes cannot see: Nausicaa is alive and she is wearing strange blue clothes and she seems to be walking on a golden field. Nausicaa is the long-awaited legend!

A happy reunion ensues and the Ohmus slowly make their way back home.

Through the credits we see the people of the Valley of the Wind bringing up the water from the wells, the Tolmekians going back to their homeland, people of the Valley having mehve gliding lessons, and the Earth healing.

Differences in the film and manga

The film itself is much simpler than the manga and only draws from the first three volumes. Spellings are also changed such as the Tolmekians are rendered to “Torumekians” in the manga.

Characters such as Lord Yupa and Princess Kushana are also different in both manga and movie: In the later volumes of the manga not covered in the movie, he dies, and Kushana’s body is intact and whole rather than having been attacked as a child by Ohmus.


The Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is available in all seven volumes in North America in two options: the traditional Japanese style of right-to-left or in collaborated book form read in left-to-right. They are availabe in English in the Japanese style by VIZ in North America.

Warriors of the Wind Warriors of the Wind

In America, 1985, a movie was released titled Warriors of the Wind, based on Nausicaa. It was extremely horrible and Mr. Miyazaki as well as many of his fans strongly disliked it. It was heavily edited, most of it was composed of actions sequences, and some of the characters’ names were changed (for example, Nausicaa was renamed “Princess Zandra) as well as the Ohmus being transformed into vicious enemies. Consequently, and rightly so, Studio Ghibli now has a strict policy (“no cuts”) for future films. If anyone would like more information on this film, click the link below. As far as viewing it, it appears as if it is out of circulation – Google Video and YouTube don’t have it.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Original Japanese Trailer


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind – the entire movie available on Google Video, English dub.

Warriors of the Wind – Review of Warriors of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Mania – Information on www.nausicaa.net

Nausicaa in America – The backstory of how the manga was translated into English

The Origin of Nausicaa – An interview with Hayao Miyazaki

Shuna’s Journey – A manga perceived by many as a prototype of Nausicaa


https://i1.wp.com/www.abcb.com/nausicaa/naus_00.jpg https://i1.wp.com/koziworld.blog.playersrepublic.fr/images/medium_nausicaa_5.jpg





1. Nina K Wijaya - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally! I’ve been looking for this article.. Thank you!
I love the film. I used to watch it over and over again (when I was a little girl).. I totally don’t remember the name was Nausicaa. All I remember the princess’ name was Sandra or something.. Anyways, thank you for sharing this! 😉

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