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The World Is Quiet Here Updates Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Posted by j128 in News & Updates.


I have been redesigning The World Is Quiet Here and the following topics cover the major renovations that I am making:

  • Categories
  • Images
  • Valid hyperlinks
  • Submitting comments


I completely redid the categories on the World Is Quiet Here and now there are only three major categories, these are: Literature, Sound and Vision, and News & Updates. The first two categories have been broken up into smaller subcategories.

The Literature category contains all the reviews of books and the subcategories are based on genre and topic.

The Sound and Vision category contains reviews of movies, television shows, anime, and music (including music videos).

The News & Updates category is where any posts covering any updates of The World Is Quiet Here – such as this one – will be found.

None of the posts or pages have been deleted.


WordPress has updated its media tool bar and now I can use captions for images on my blog! Soon all the images on The World Is Quiet Here will have captions and all other posts and pages to come that have images will also have captions.

Valid hyperlinks

I frequently check the hyperlinks in any published posts or pages to make sure that they work properly and are still valid, especially the links for online videos such as YouTube as links are subject to change at anytime. If any links are invalid or the media has since been removed from that link, I will delete the link from the post or page.

Submitting comments

I love seeing comments on my blog and a few times there have been comments that are in another language. At this time, I am fluent only in English, so please submit comments in English so that I can post them. Until I become fluent in other languages or enable an online translation feature on my blog, just English please! 🙂

The World Is Quiet Here is constantly growing and will soon be in order again, so stay tuned! 🙂



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