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Chapter 1: Act 02: Until the Sun Rises Over The Moon (Gankutsuou) Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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1st DVD

Cover of the first volume (DVD) of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, containing the first 4 episodes

Until the Sun Rises Over The Moon is the second episode in the first chapter of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo.


Albert has just been kidnapped, thanks to the trickery of the “girl” he met, named Peppo. Meanwhile, Franz is attending the ball, but he is distracted. After inquiries of the whereabouts of Albert, he discovers the legend of Luigi Vampa and his gang of bandits who prowl the streets of Luna. Despite reassurance that Albert is probably safe, he becomes even more concerned for Albert.

While Albert is led down into the catacombs and imprisoned, Franz reminisces about the first time he and Albert met, which was at his father’s funeral. He decides to go back to the hotel, and Luigi’s messenger – the criminal who was pardoned – gives him a letter demanding fifty million ducats by sunrise, otherwise Albert’s life will be forfeit. Franz then tries to find a means to arrange the large sum before he finally has to turn to the Count for aid.

The Count easily comes up with the fifty million and the Count and his men, Franz, and the bandit race against time to the catacombs in the Count’s carriage.

Meanwhile, in the catacombs Albert is to be tortured before being killed. He is near death but Peppo intervenes shortly before the Count’s men attack the bandits and free Albert. While that happens, the Count visits Luigi Vampa and it is hinted at that the head bandit is killed.

To express his gratitude for being rescued, Albert offers to introduce the Count into Paris’s high society. The Count accepts and gives the pocket watch that Albert found in the opera as a token of their friendship. Franz announces that their trip to Luna has to be cut short and they’ll be returning to Paris but Albert contradicts: he has plans to meet up with Peppo, the “girl” whom he believes he may have fallen in love with. The Count tells him the unfortunate news, however, that Peppo is a boy!

Franz and Albert pack for Paris and the Count is calculating his revenge.



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