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Chapter 1: Act 01: At Journey’s End, We Meet (Gankutsuou) Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Gankutsuou, Chapter 1

Cover of the first volume (DVD) of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, containing the first 4 episodes

At Journey’s End, We Meet is the first episode of the first chapter of Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Excerpt from DVD case:


Born into an aristocratic family in Paris, Albert sets out on a journey with his best friend, Franz, to escape his privileged yet dull life. They travel to Luna, a city on the moon, and meet a very wealthy man named The Count of Monte Cristo. Becoming completely fascinated with The Count’s mysterious charm, Albert welcomes him into Paris high society. But soon Albert will discover the Count’s true motive – revenge…


In Luna, a city on the Moon, the aristocrats Franz d’Epinay and Albert de Morcerf are enjoying themselves during Carnival. A girl tosses a flower to Albert, who becomes smitten.

They meet a friend of Franz’s, addressed as Marquise, and the three attend an opera. A mysterious man in the audience throws a bouquet of blue roses to the opera singer and the audience cheers. Marquise explains that Luna has been abuzz since the arrival of the man and is fancied as a count. Wild rumours abound that he is an alien, or even a vampire. His name is the Count of Monte Cristo.

Albert finds a golden pocket watch near an elevator after he followed the Count and his bodyguards. He races up the stairs to return it but before he can, the Count glides past him and boards his ship.

Next day, one of the Count’s men deliver Albert and Franz a message saying that the Count would like to make their acquaintances. Franz is dubious and wary, while Albert is delighted and overjoyed. They meet the Count and he hosts a splendid lunch, but does not eat any himself. Before the friends depart the Count invites them to an execution and Albert shakes hands with the Count, and later tells Franz the Count’s hand was cold as ice – like a corpse.

On the day of the execution the Count is joined with Albert and Franz. The Count has a letter of pardon from the Cardinal and the three cards that he has placed on the table have the initials of the criminals and the one card that is picked will spare one of the criminals; it is only a game. Franz is disgusted and says it is wrong to play with human lives but Albert has mixed feelings. At last, being persuaded by the Count, he picks one of the cards, and to the outrage of the crowd the murderer is pardoned. The remaining two are executed via the guillotine.

As evening draws close, Franz and Albert walk through the streets of Luna. Franz and Albert have an argument, in which Franz takes his leave to change for the ball. Albert continues to wander the streets and when he sits to rest, a flower lands next to him. The next moment, the girl that Albert saw in the festivities of Carnival, and seduces him.

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